Contribution – The Power to Create Change

We at Green Galaxy choose to never underestimate the power that contribution can have; not just on the people and the world around us, but on our individual selves as well. Contribution can come in many shapes and sizes.  Sometimes it can be the giving of our time or our talents; sometimes it is a financial gift or a random act of kindness; sometimes it’s just lending an ear or a helping hand to a friend and sometimes it’s learning to live a little greener.  Whatever form it takes, contribution is always a win/win.

There’s power in giving.  Today the term “giving-back” is used often when someone makes a contribution.  We find that phrasing quite fitting because when contributions are made from a genuine heart, it is impossible not to be hit by the seemingly boomerang-like effect.  When we give, there is always a reciprocal motion, a flow-back.  It feels great to have been a part of someone else’s blessing.  It is indescribable the feeling of being connected to the bigger-picture of what is going on in the world or in the life of another human being.

It is our genuine belief that success is not measured by what we have or accumulate…it is measured by what we give; and the spirit by which we give it.  True generosity comes from a heart that embraces abundance; a heart not bound by fear or lack.  When we give from a heart of abundance, the mindset that “there is always more where that came from,” we are truly able to bless one another.

What a shame it is to have much and keep it all for ourselves … we miss out on the joy of contributing to others and our planet and we lose sight of what is truly important.

We are aware that many people equate “having much” to finances.  However, our goal here is to encourage a more abundant thought process.  If contribution can take many forms including the giving of our gifts, talents and selves to one another, then we can eliminate all exceptions that we might create for ourselves when it comes to this topic.  We all have MUCH that we can give.  Financial restrictions should not be used as an excuse to miss-out on or opt-out of the joy of contribution.   We truly believe that if we all focused more of our attention outside of ourselves we would find that abundant thinking occurs much more naturally than we would expect.

“Live consciously” is how we choose to end our blog posts because sadly, most of us live zoned-out lives.  Sure, we are cordial to others whom we see daily but outside of simple formalities and tasks we really don’t connect.  We don’t purposefully connect with the “others” in our lives, with the natural world in which we live or even with ourselves a lot of the time.  Instead, we get on the treadmill of life and march determinately towards the finish line with events, projects, deadlines, schedules and all the outfits to match on our minds.  We don’t consciously stop and take it all in.  We don’t consciously slow down and look around or notice the world around us in our day to day routines.  We run on auto-pilot and are proud multi-taskers; sometimes even when we ought to be focused on the task at hand, like … oh idunno, driving maybe?

Sadly the biggest loss of all is that we miss out on many of life’s blessings because we are too busy, too cluttered and perhaps a little too self-centered to notice them.  See, the game of life is not about who has accumulated the most at the end.  It is what we give that resonates.  At the end of it all, it is the lives that were made better because we were here that have the greatest impact on our hearts and souls.

Is the earth a better place because of how we cared for it?  Did we do our part in its preservation and protection for the sake of generations to come?  That too is contribution.  In our busy-ness we accidentally/on purpose neglect doing the “right” thing as far as the environment goes.

We may have various opinions about how much longer our planet will be around.  However, we all have some friends (not us of course) who are still convinced that they can use those opinions as a justification for our wasteful habits.

Look, the reality is, most of us don’t “consciously” choose to ravage our green spaces or deplete the earth’s resources … but the truth is we can and should make more “conscious” choices daily.  Let’s at least ravage and deplete less than we did yesterday.  We can choose to preserve.  We can choose to shop wisely and thus create change in the supply chain.  We can choose to be educated and engaged.  With one swift, treadmill-trained step at a time we truly can create a large amount of change in a very short period of time.

We believe that preservation of what we have been given is a powerful act of contribution to the next generation.  What a powerful gift to leave our children and grandchildren … the knowledge that they can change what they get, by changing what they give.  It’s time for show and tell guys and gals … lets lead by example and show and tell our children how much we can contribute to the world we are going to be leaving for them to do their own abundant lives in.

Until next time … live consciously!

Vita Panico
Green Galaxy Girl

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