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Let’s face it, on the global scale, the North American manufacturing industry has been at a competitive disadvantage because our labour costs are higher than those of many other global competitors.  Our advantage has always been in our ability to leverage technology and innovation to increase efficiency thus curbing some of the sting of our higher production costs and bridging the proverbial gap enough to keep our industry afloat.

At the end of the day we recognize that ingenuity and innovation lead to greater efficiency and efficiency translates to dollar figures.

In the North American screen printing market a secret weapon has been revealed.  Green Galaxy Companies has found the Bentley of Screen Printing machinery and laser technology.  Visit the SRoque website.

Introducing SRoque!!

What we love about SRoque is their grassroots approach to development, creativity and design.  They care what the average printer thinks and they deliver the tools that will answer the needs that today’s printer faces.  Here’s the bottom line…getting the job done is important; but now we can get it done faster, more efficiently, with more accuracy and we can de-skill our workforce.  How?  The right tools make all the difference.

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