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When it comes to water based and discharge screen printing inks, Green Galaxy is the clear choice. We have dedicated over ten years to researching and developing the highest quality environmentally friendly inks on the market today.

We have tested and tried them ourselves in a production environment. We have poured our lives into developing a product line we can stand behind and what we’ve found is products that are superior in quality, wash-fastness, brightness and hand to many on the market today.

Our water-based inks do not have a pungent odor, nor do they include any harsh, harmful or hazardous materials. They are safe for both user and wearer AND they are safe for the environment. Clean-up is done in a snap with nothing more than water.

Listen! We know all the arguments out there about water based inks.
1. Most printers are not set up to cure water based inks effectively.
2. Water based inks are harder to work with. They block in the screens.
3. There is no color matching system so producing pantone matches can become a nightmare.

I remind you that at Green Galaxy Companies, our mandate is to provide you with solutions that are both innovative as well as efficient, effective and bottom-line conscious.

Our water-based line eliminates every reason you have for not using water-based inks and we believe that pretty soon you won’t want to use anything else.

Our plastisol line is phthalate free! It is a dream to use and we can’t wait for you to try it.

So? What are you waiting for? The first launch of our ink line to the market is already available through Ryonet and we would love your feedback. Click Here to Purchase Our Inks

Our Meteor White is a high-quality and affordable opaque plastisol ink that exhibits a softer hand, easier print and faster flash than most other white ink on the market. Reducer is not needed to thin down your ink. Because of the triple blending technology used to make Meteor White, not only is it more consistent and creamier, it’s more stable in hot and cold printing conditions and doesn’t need as much prep work or mixing as traditional plastisol white inks. Great for spot color printing on cotton, halftone printing through higher mesh, spot process printing and white under bases, Meteor White will not only save you money, it makes screen printing with white ink fun again.

Our Comet White is the first Phthalate and PVC free water-based ink that performs like plastisol, but feels like water-based ink. Light, creamy and easy to use Comet White stays wet in the screen during printing longer than any other water-based white we have tested. With the ability to print through mesh sizes ranging from 110-305, Comet White not only prints great it feels amazing on the shirt. With an extremely soft hand, bright and crisp look and flexible nature, Comet White is the best thing to hit the screen printing industry since White Plastisol.

How’s that for greening up your act?!