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It all began in the mid 1960’s when two young immigrants arrived in Canada with little more than hope and a dream. They each went to school to learn English because it was important to them to integrate productively in their new Canadian home. Antonio (Tony) was a brick layer and cement finisher and was introduced to Giusseppina (Pina) who was an upholstery seamstress several years after landing on Canadian soil. They shared a love for dancing and a commitment to old fashioned family values.

As they began to build a life together there were many obstacles that had to be overcome. One traumatic turn in the plan for their lives took place in 1982 when Tony’s back was seriously injured in an accident on the job site. He could no longer return to the work he knew. A career change was necessary.

Pina worked in an upholstery shop and bought a dream sold to her by a co-worker that they could open their own clothing manufacturing company. They formed a partnership and in 1983 Star Sportswear was born. After a couple months Pina’s partner abandoned ship and Tony reluctantly stepped in to keep Pina’s dream alive. Pina had tremendous skill as a seamstress and pattern maker and Tony had a great flair and instinct for sales and provided the solid leadership the company needed to grow and expand in the Canadian manufacturing environment. They grew from just a handful of employees to having over 100 skilled workers under their employ and produced fashions for many well-reputed Canadian companies. Their children Vita and Bobby grew up as the company grew. Their summer and after-school jobs in highschool consisted of helping to pack orders, bundle fabric, clerical work and managing a small factory outlet store.

In 1994 Tony purchased Galaxy Silk Screening for a very good price from a gentleman who wanted out of the industry and who owed some money to Star Sportswear for some work he had done.

In 1995 Star Sportswear was sold. The Canadian manufacturing economy at the time made it difficult to maintain such a large operation and Tony and Pina decided that it was time to change direction yet again.

Green Galaxy Companies Inc. has been in operation since 1994 operating under the names Galaxy Silk Screening and Galaxy Design Inc. Having had success in the past starting in an industry he knew nothing about, Tony was certain he could do it again. He ran the company on his own with a handful of employees for several years as a traditional print house, using plastic based ink products and solvent based cleaners. That is what was done.

His son Bobby came on board in the year 2000, fresh out of Design School to learn the industry and help Tony grow the business.
Over the years there has been a slow and steady climb up the environmental ladder in search of the right combinations of ink products and equipment solutions to give the company the best possible result at the most reasonable price.

Bobby developed a passion for innovation and had the drive to test and try out new products and systems that would produce a better result while minimizing the environmental impact. Many trials and errors later with the bruises and scars to show for it, Bobby’s commitment to the environment and to setting the company apart from it’s competition has positioned Green Galaxy Companies Inc. as the foremost authority on water based & discharge inks in the Greater Toronto Area. Bobby is sought out to consult on ink formulations and to assist in production uses of water based products. His expertise and passion for water based ink is unmatched.

Vita joined the company in 2003 bringing with her much customer service experience, people skills and a passion for employee development and synergistic organizational strength. She schedules and manages the flow of production and has a big picture view of the future of the company.

Rachel joined the Green Galaxy Team in 2010. Her management, organizational and people skills are a tremendous asset to our team. She handles all quoting, billing, accounting and logistics for the company.

Together, we come to you as a company that understands the needs of a printer, that understands the different fabrics and dyes used in production, that understands inks and that cares about providing you with solutions that work. Together we are a team that is driven and excited about creating an impact that will change the face of this industry.

The reason we know that our products and equipment solutions will work for you in a production environment, is because we’ve tested them on our print shop floor first. Who better to develop and test the products screen printers need than those who use them.

We are a family run business and we are first and foremost dedicated to the health, well-being and quality of life of our loved ones, friends, neighbors, business associates and customers. By extension, naturally we care about the environmental footprint we are making and what that will mean for future generations. Screen printing is an industry that impacts families all around the world. That’s why we saw a need in the marketplace to develop an environmentally sound solution for printers everywhere so that together we could eliminate and reverse (or at least greatly reduce) the negative effects our industry has had on the environment over the past few decades.

Bobby has spent the last decade of his life dedicated to research and development and has created a line of products that work and are easy to use. We are very proud of these products and excited about the impact they will have in the marketplace. The work however is never done. Rest-assured that the innovation will always continue. There are always efficiencies to be found and new products to be developed that will support and enhance the work we do in this industry.

That is why, our connection & parnership with the SRoque Equipment company seems pre-destined. Like us, they too are a family run organization. Like us, they are always looking for ways to innovate and create efficiencies. Like us they understand the industry and what printers need, and most importantly, like us they listen to their clients and work to find solutions to create a more effective, harmonious working environment for all those who purchase their products.

We are proud to carry, sell and provide service and parts for the SRoque line of equipment. It is the perfect addition to the Green Galaxy family. By the way, did you notice that the machines are green?

At Green Galaxy we pride ourselves on offering great quality products, delivered with exceptional service, that provide our clients with greater opportunities and mechanisms for growth and profitability.

Allow us to serve you and help you meet your corporate goals by providing solutions that will set you apart from your competition and boost your bottom line.

To your success!

The Green Galaxy Team.